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​ Choosing the right stuffed animal or plush toy

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​ Choosing the right stuffed animal or plush toy
Latest company news about ​ Choosing the right stuffed animal or plush toy

Choosing the right stuffed animal or plush toy

Kids of all ages love to have a cuddly companion to give comfort throughout the day or night. Even some adults may appreciate the gift of a stuffed animal when they're having a difficult time or even just for a special occasion. The key to finding the right stuffed animal or other type of plush toy is to think carefully about the item's intended recipient. Using that information, you can narrow down product options and check item descriptions to decide which stuffed toy best matches your needs. Think about these factors as you shop.

Age group
Though they're soft and cuddly in general, some stuffed toys are most suitable for specific age groups. But paying attention to the recommended age ranges for stuffed toys isn't just a matter of finding something fun. Age range recommendations can also be a matter of safety. For example, some stuffed animals come with small accessories like brushes and bows. These small items may be fine for elementary-aged children but aren't recommended for infants and toddlers because they may pose a choking hazard. If you're shopping for a baby or young child, make sure to confirm that the toy you choose is recommended for the child's current age range. Even if a toy doesn't initially appear to pose a potential hazard, it's safest to follow these recommendations.

Does the child or adult you're shopping for have a favorite movie, TV show or book? Consider getting a stuffed toy that looks like the recipient's favorite character or characters from beloved media. Plush character toys are an easy way of making your gift recipient happy. When the character design is cute enough, you don't even necessarily need to worry about whether the recipient is familiar with the associated media in question. Character plushes are often available in a variety of designs, so if you don't see something that is immediately appealing, keep browsing.

Whether for Easter baskets or holiday stockings, occasion-themed plush toys can be a fun gift. You can find a variety of options for seasonal or holiday-focused plush toys, including some character toys outfitted in themed clothing or accessories. It's best to shop for seasonal, occasion-focused plush toys at the appropriate time of year to maximize your selection. For example, if you want a Halloween-themed teddy bear, shop in September or October.

Plush toys and stuffed animals may come with special features other than being cute and cuddly. Some plushes intended for babies might have rattle, squeak or crinkle inserts to help stimulate babies' senses. Plush toys for toddlers might sing or otherwise play sounds. These toys are often intended to be educational and may include hard plastic parts that make the toy less suitable for cuddling. Some plush toys for older children may come with play accessories or special carriers. If you're looking for a straightforward stuffed animal without any special features, read product descriptions carefully to make sure there aren't any extra bells and whistles included.

Product photos don't always do a perfect job of showing items at their true scale. That's a particularly important factor to consider when shopping for stuffed toys since item size in this product category can vary so widely. You can find anything from a human-sized bear to a petite stuffed puppy that a baby can grasp onto with his or her tiny hands. Make sure to look at product dimension information and any other descriptions that can provide context for the size of the product you're buying. Size can be an important factor to consider in gift giving as some people don't have room for giant stuffed toys in their home.

Animal type
From bunnies and dinosaurs to bears and unicorns, it's easy to find a whole menagerie of stuffed animals to give as gifts. Bears are a classic stuffed animal choice for young children, though other options can be nice if you're shopping for a baby gift. Parents-to-be may particularly appreciate it if you get a toy that looks like a beloved family cat or dog. There are other ways to be thoughtful when choosing a stuffed animal to give as a gift. For example, if you know that the child you're shopping for particularly loves horses, you can find them an age-appropriate stuffed pony to cuddle. In the absence of any of this sort of information, you can always just choose something that's both adorable and in budget.

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